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For the second consecutive year, Connect 4 Mental Health® (C4MH) will issue four awards to U.S.-based community programs exhibiting innovative work in the four C4MH  pillars — early intervention, creative use of technology, continuity of care, and service integration (one winner in each pillar). Winners will exemplify the mission of C4MH, implementing approaches that support individuals living with serious mental illness and their families, and that also may positively impact the communities in which they live.

Each of the 2015 Community Innovation Award winners will receive a $10,000 award and access to a one-on-one mentorship program featuring exemplary community-based programs with expertise in the four C4MH pillars. Winners will also be featured on the C4MH website and highlighted in future media announcements.

Award submissions will be judged based on the program’s impact on the community, measurability/sustainability and effectiveness in building community partnerships, among other considerations. Please see a full description of the awards program and eligibility requirements here.

C4MH welcomes your application. Apply in 2 steps:

Judging will take place later this summer, and award winners will be notified in the fall.

For any questions regarding this award or the application process, please email [email protected] or call NAMI Communications at 703-312-7893.

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Overview of Organization and Program

Provide a synopsis of your program that fulfills one of the of the four C4MH pillars.

  1. Early intervention: Aims to address early identification and appropriate treatment of serious mental illness, including but not limited to early intervention in first episode psychosis.
  2. Creative use of technology: Leverages innovative technologies to help connect individuals living with serious mental illness and care providers.
  3. Service integration: Creates connections between stakeholders within the community to help people living with serious mental illness receive appropriate care in the appropriate setting.
  4. Continuity of care: Helps ensure individuals with serious mental illness receive appropriate and consistent care without significant gaps in coverage or treatment quality.
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To learn more about innovative programs being featured as part of C4MH, please visit the Case Studies page.

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